Lover’s quarrel ends in stabbing

About 3:52 Sunday, Dec. 2, officers were dispatched to a disturbance in the 2600 block of Overton Street.

When officers arrived Calvin Wallace, who was clutching his chest, walked out to the police car parked by the curb. When asked what was wrong, Wallace allegedly told officers he needed to get to the hospital because he had been stabbed. Officers reported seeing a “large amount of blood” running down the victim’s pants. The reporting officer, according to police report, said he inspected the wound “which appeared to be a deep stab wound to the front torso just under the rib cage and above the abdomen.

The officer began applying pressure to the wound while another officer called for assistance.

According to the police report, several people were walking in the yard and on the porch. When the officer asked what had occurred, Wallace responded, “she stabbed me.” When asked who stabbed him, Wallace allegedly pointed to his wife and said, “she did.” When asked, Edna Wallace allegedly admitted she had stabbed her husband.

The police report said the a serrated steak knife with a wooden handle had been placed in the driver’s side door pocket of a 1999 Chevy van parked in the yard. The knife had blood along its blade.

Edna Wallace was arrested on charges of aggravated battery.


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