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Marijuana investigation turns up abused elderly woman

An investigation of three men selling marijuana on the side of a residence at102 Cottage St., led Alexandria police officers to discover a 79-year-old woman in one of the “nastiest” houses officers said they have seen.


 The police report indicates the following:


 An officer went to the house to take a “No Trespassing Letter” to Bessie Brown, 55, to sign after there was concern about people coming into her yard to smoke marijuana.


As the officers were knocking on the front door, they heard noice in the back yard. When they went to the back door, they saw Ronald Johnson, 43, of Pineville, coming out of the back door. Officers patted him down and allegedly felt a lump in his right jacket pocket. Officers removed the lump and allegedly found four bags of marijuana.


When asked if he got the marijuana from inside the house, Johnson shook his head.


 “At this time, we had no idea what we had just got into,” the reporting officer wrote. “I needed to contact the people in the house because the suspect didn’t live there and I had no idea if he was there doing a burglary or what was going on.”


When other backup officers arrived, officers checked the two bedrooms for other possible suspects. Inside one of the bedrooms, an officer allegedly found Brown’s boyfriend, Robert West, 57, hiding under the bed covers. In the second bedroom, officers found 79-year-old Willy May Davis lying on a white sheet that was covered in her feces.


Officers again asked Johnson where he had gotten the marijuana and he allegedly said West sold him the marijuana. Johnson also said West’s marjuana was in the kitchen.


West denied having any marijuana. However, officers allegedly found a brown paper bag with two bags of marijuana in the kitchen behind the stove.


Meanwhile, officers turned their attention to Davis, who was in a bedroom with no heat or electricity. The residents were heating the house with a fish fryer that was hooked up to a butane bottle.


Brown, who allegedly had $300 on her, told officers the electricity had been off for five months because she didn’t have any money.


“The best way I can describe what I saw was Ms. WillyMay was being kept in an area I would not keep an animal. The hallway had so much junk in it that you could tell they never moved WillyMay from the back room,” the report said.


“The house was full of old food and smelled so badly all officers could only stay in a little while then go out and get some air.The house was full of junk where it was hard for anyone to walk around. This was by far one of the nastiest houses I have ever been in,” the officer reported.


Officers also found three dogs in a small pen in the back yard with no food. Animal Control was notified and came to remove the three dogs.


West, 102 Cottage St., was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail on CDS I-possession with intent to distribute, cruelty to the infirmed and cruelty to animals. He was also arrested on a warrant.


Brown was booked on charges of CDS-I possession with intent to distribute, cruely to the infirmed and cruelty to animals.


Johnson was booked on a charge of second offense marijuana.


Homeless man arrested on burglary charges

A homeless man was arrested Thursday, Jan. 3 in connection with a burglary of a residence at 2904 Third St., according to the Alexandria Police Department.


About 1:35 p.m. officers received a call of someone being inside the Third Street home. A woman told officers that someone had climed through a rear window of the house. Officers went into the house and allegedly saw a footprint on the wood in the front of the window. Officers searched the house but didn’t find anyone.


Officers allegedly found Melvin Perry, 49, under the house. Perry allegedly told officers he was sleeping in the house.


He was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail on a charge of burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

Mismatch shoes leads to arrest

Albert Freeman, 52, 1311 Jena St., Pineville, was arrested about 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 29, on a charge of simple burglary of a commercial building, according to the Alexandria Police Department.


The complaiant notifie police that the warehouse area of the recycling services building at 1028 Fenner St., had been burglarized sometime during the night of Friday, Dec. 28. He also alleged that a kerosene heater had been stolen and was located at M&E Auto Detail Shop, 908 Dallas St., according to the police report.


When officers arrived at the detail shop, they allegedly saw a large box, which contained the kerosene heater. Officers called Freeman, who arrived at the shop and wanted to know why the officers were at the property.


 Freeman allegedly told officers another man had come and asked if he wanted to buy the heater. Freeman said when he refused, the other man allegedly asked could he keep the heater in the shop overnight.


Meanwhile, while talking to Freeman, officers observed that he was wearing two different shoes. He had an altheltic shoe on the right foot and a black slipper on the right foot. The black slipper appeared to have the same print pattern as the shoe prints left at the crime scene, according toth police report.


Freeman was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail.

Overton Street man upset with woman, allegedly breaks windows in her home

Larry Minor, 39, 2618 Overton St., was arrested Sunday morning in connection with an aggravated burglary. 

According to the Alexandria Police Department’s report:

The complainant reported that Minor allegedly tried to break into her residence before leaving in a blue Dodge pickup truck heading towards the Overton Street area. Officers put out an “be on the lookout” alert for the pickup truck. At the house, officers found that the complainant’s front door had footprints where Minor had allegedly kicked it. There was a pogo stick hanging out of a shattered window, the report said. 

At the back of the residence a back bedroom officers discovered that the window was burst out and a piece of varnished wood was on the ground. 

Meanwhile, a patrol officer saw and detained Minor at 2618 Overton St. The officer allegedly found a yellow and black starter jacket in the front seat of the truck. A .30 Carbine rifle with a loaded magazine in it was found under the jacket, according to the report. 

Minor allegedly told officers he went to the woman’s residence and found her in the bed with another man. He said he then went to his vehicle, got the rifle, went to the back of the house and burst the window. Minor said when he could not get back in the house, he threw a pogo stick through the front window then left the area. He was booked into the Rapides Parish Jail.

Husband upset wife wears pajamas to school, causes disturbance at Julius Patrick Elementary, no one hurt

James Wren, 50, Ball, was arrested  about 4:30 p.m. at his home Thursday, Dec. 7, in connection with an incident at Julius Patrick Elementary School earlier that day.

According to the Alexandria Police Department, here’s a description of the incident:

The principal received information from a Town Talk reporter that someone was coming to the school to disrupt the school. The reporter identified the man as James Wren.

Wren was the husband of one of the teachers, who said her husband was upset because she was wearing pajamas to school, which was having a Family Reading Night and all teachers were asked to wear pajamas. The wife said her husband did not see her but they had spoken on the phone.

Wren also allegedly called The Town Talk and spoke to an editor. The wife said her husband told her he had also contacted the Rapides Parish School Board to report that teachers were wearing pajamas to school. According to the report, the wife allegedly told officers her husband said he was coming to campus to disrupt the school.

The wife said the last time she had spoken with Wren he was at Rapides Regional Medical Center with his mother. Officers went to the hospital and was advised Wren was not there. He was also not at the school and couldn’t be located in the area.

The Family Reading Night was cancelled.

Carjacking reported in Alexandria near Wal-Mart

According to police reports, the Alexandria Police Department logged the following report Tuesday afternoon:

About 2:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to Huey P. Long Medical Center in reference to a battery. When officers arrived they were directed to a woman who said she was carjacked and beat up in an “unknown location in Alexandria near the Super Wal-Mart.” The woman said a man grabbed her out of her vehicle while she was at a red light near Wal-Mart.

The woman said the man allegedly hit her in the face with something, but she couldn’t remember much more about the incident.

The woman said the vehicle, a gold Toyota Tundra, belonged to her boyfriend.

The treating physician told police that an “unknown lady” brought the victim to the hospital but the lady didn’t provide any helpful information. The doctor also said the lady claimed she had found the victim and brought her to the hospital.

When asked again what happened, the victim told police she “suffers from depression and is on a lot of medication so her memory is not that good.”

According to the report, the victim said she needed a ride back to Gardner and asked officers to call her family to come get her.

About 5 p.m., the police department received a call from a man who said he was the victim’s boyfriend. He also said that his girlfriend was the last person to have his vehicle.

Crimes worth noting, Wednesday, Dec. 5

The Alexandria Police Department responded to the following calls, Wednesday, Dec. 5:

  • Vehicle burglary, Willow Glen Road, a purse was taken.
  • Criminal damage of a vehicle, Wal-Mart Supercenter, 2050 N. Mall Drive
  • Commercial burglary, 3717 Third St.
  • Burlgarly, 3631 Green Meadow
  • Unauthorized entry, 321 University
  • Burglary, 1920 Roanoke, a computer and jewelry were taken
  • Shoplifting, Wal-Mart Supercenter, 2050 N. Mall Drive.