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Woman interferes with boyfriend’s football game, gets cut in forehead with beer bottle

Reginald Ford, 49, 3213 Lee St., was arrested Dec. 9, on a charge of aggravated battery after he allegedly threw an empty beer bottle at his girlfriend to force her to move from in front of a football game he was watching.

The girlfriend allegedly told officers Ford threw the glass beer bottle at her hitting her in the forhead, according to the Alexandria Police Department. She refused medical attention.

Ford allegedly told officers he and his girlfriend argued over her being in the way of a football game and that he threw the bottle at her to get her to move. He said he didn’t throw it directly at her, but it bounced off the wall and then hit her.


Brewzer’s Bar fight leads to arrest Wednesday, Dec. 5

David Aycock, 40, of Prairieville, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and possession of marijuana Wednesday night, Dec. 5 in connection with a fight at Brewzer’s Bar, 1919 N. MacArthur Drive.

When officers arrived at the bar about 10:36 p.m., a man told officers that Aycock  and Eddie Jeter, 37, Deville, had been causing problems in the bar and fighting with other customers, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

According to the police report, Aycock and Jeter “disengaged” from the fight and ran to a nearby pickup truck. Aycock was the driver and Jeter was the passenger. Aycock allegedly yelled out of the truck’s window, “Watch this,” and backed out of his parking space while accelerating quickly towards several people that he had allegedly been fighting with inside the bar.

One man, who was standing in the parking lot, told officers he was not able to move quickly enough and the truck’s front bumper and driver’s side mirror hit him. Police said the truck did not stop and left headed north on MacArthur Drive. Acadian Ambulance arrived to treat the victim.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana State Police had pulled over the truck at North Bolton Avenue and Enterprise Road. The passengers appeared to be the same men from the bar. Troopers allegedly found a small, clear plastic bag of suspected marijuana belonging to Aycock.

When questioned about the incident at the bar, the men allegedly told officers they were involved in a fight at the bar. Aycock said of the truck incident, “I was trying to get the hell out of there and if I hit someone that got in the way, I did not mean to.”

Aycock was also arrested on a warrant, while Jeter was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace.

Alexandria woman allegedly stabs cousin’s boyfriend

Resheda O’Conner, 22, of 400 Douglas St., was arrested about 3 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, in connection with a stabbing that occurred  at 722 Willow Glen Road Apt F.

According to the Alexandria Police Department, the police report indicates the following:

While in route to a disturbing the peace call at 722 Willow Glen Road Apt. F, the police dispatcher told the responding officer that someone had been stabbed. Upon arrival at the scene, a woman said she and her boyfriend, Willie Stewart, 25, of 5518 Jeff Davis St., had been arguing earlier in the day. He later came back to her apartment and forced the front screen door open, pushed her around and cursed her.

While the woman was talking to the police, she was standing next to Stewart, who was on lying on his back on the ground and saying he had been stabbed.

The woman said she finally got  Stewart outside because her cousin, Resheda, and her two children were spending the night. The woman said once they were in the parking lot, Stewart pushed her to the ground. The woman also said once they were in the parking lot, Stewart pushed her to the ground and threw her  against a vehicle.

 When asked who stabbed him, Stewart said he didn’t know because there were several people around trying to break them up.

Another officer called dispatch and asked who called concerning the stabbing. The dispatcher said the call came from the same apartment, but “Resheda O’Conner said she stabbed Willie.”

According to the police report, O’Conner said, “I stabbed Willie because he threw my cousin against a car and on the ground, but I didn’t mean to.”

Stewart was taken to Huey P. Long Medical Center for treatment of the stab under his left arm. Stewart was charged with simple criminal damage to property less than $500, disturbing the peace by fighting and simple battery.

Lover’s quarrel ends in stabbing

About 3:52 Sunday, Dec. 2, officers were dispatched to a disturbance in the 2600 block of Overton Street.

When officers arrived Calvin Wallace, who was clutching his chest, walked out to the police car parked by the curb. When asked what was wrong, Wallace allegedly told officers he needed to get to the hospital because he had been stabbed. Officers reported seeing a “large amount of blood” running down the victim’s pants. The reporting officer, according to police report, said he inspected the wound “which appeared to be a deep stab wound to the front torso just under the rib cage and above the abdomen.

The officer began applying pressure to the wound while another officer called for assistance.

According to the police report, several people were walking in the yard and on the porch. When the officer asked what had occurred, Wallace responded, “she stabbed me.” When asked who stabbed him, Wallace allegedly pointed to his wife and said, “she did.” When asked, Edna Wallace allegedly admitted she had stabbed her husband.

The police report said the a serrated steak knife with a wooden handle had been placed in the driver’s side door pocket of a 1999 Chevy van parked in the yard. The knife had blood along its blade.

Edna Wallace was arrested on charges of aggravated battery.

Paint balls fired on Hudson Road, no arrests

Police officers responded to a call in reference to shots being fired in the 4000 block of HudsonRoad about 10:27 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1.

Police reports show a Hudson Road resident said he and a group of friends were outside of his house when a dark colored SUV drove up to the house. He said he begin to “hear muffled popping sounds.”

Thinking they were being shot at, the man said everyone began to duck and he felt “something hit him in the right leg,” according to the police report. The officer said he saw a yellow wet spot on the man’s pants.

The resident, according to the police report, pointed out where one of the vehicles in front of his house had two spots of yellow paint balls from a piant ball gun. Several blue fragmented latex balls were also found.

Ringing phone leads to cut in top of head

A Chester Street man accuses his girlfriend of cutting him in the top of the head after they got into an argument because his phone was ringing, according to the police department.

The man said his girlfriend woke him up by beating him in the head. He claims they got into an argument and she picked up a knife. The man said he tried to take the knife from her as she was allegedly swinging the knife and cut him in the top of his head. He refused medical attention.

The girlfriend left the home but later returned. She allegedly told police she had argued with her boyfriend, who she claims began punching her in the face. She said she armed herself with the knife to defend herself.

No arrests were made.